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As a professional web designer, I am an expert at creating visually appealing and functional websites that effectively communicate a brand's message to its audience. I have a keen eye for design and a thorough understanding of user experience principles, allowing me to craft websites that are not only beautiful, but also easy to navigate and use. I am a skilled collaborator, able to work closely with clients, stakeholders, and developers to ensure that all website design projects meet the client's goals and objectives. I am able to provide expert advice on design best practices, and I am always open to feedback and suggestions from others.

                1      import Data from 'Authority';
                3     const personalData = {
                4       name: "Fayshal Rana",
                5       nickName: "RF Rana",
                6       age: 24,
                7       email: "imfayshalrana@gmail.com",
                8       address: {
                9         street: "Old 19",
                10         city: "Dhaka",
                11        state: "West Dhanmondi",
                12        postalCode: "1209"
                13      },
                14      phoneNumber: "01726042080" //Don't make unnecessary noise
                15    };
                17    console.log(personalData);
                18    export default personalData;

My Services

Logo Design


I create impactful and memorable visual identities that communicate the essence of a brand in a single symbol or mark.

Web Design


Experienced web designer with a passion for creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites that meet clients' needs and goals.

Web Development


I am a skilled web developer with expertise in coding, designing, and maintaining websites to create engaging user experiences



As a Sketch expert, I have advanced skills in creating high-fidelity designs and prototypes for digital products using Sketch software.

Qualification & Experiences

  • B.Sc (Computer Science)

    International University

    As a Computer Science student at an international university, I acquired practical skills in software development.

  • Nur-IT

    Front-End Developer

    At Nur-IT, I excel as a Front-End Developer, crafting impactful digital solutions with precision and innovation

  • Diploma in (Power)

    barsihal politechical institute

    As an Auto Mobile Engineering student at Barisal Polytechnic Institute, I gained practical skills in vehicle design, maintenance repair.

  • DotNET Expert

    Front-End Developer

    I'm a front-end developer working in DotNET Expert company, specializing in creating user interfaces and client-side functionality.

  • S.S.C (Science)

    Muladi M.J high school

    Muladi M.J High School awarded me my S.S.C certificate, marking the culmination of a transformative educational experience.

  • Vibe in web

    Front-End Developer

    As a front-end developer at Vibe Web, I create visually appealing and user-friendly websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

My Testimonial

Jon Luc
One Year With Me

"Amazing website! The user interface is clean, intuitive, and visually appealing. A great experience overall."

Melissa Walker
Six Month With Me

"Fantastic frontend work! The website is fast, interactive, and beautifully designed. It's a pleasure to navigate and explore."

Denis Wright
Eight Month With Me

"Highly impressed with the frontend design! It's modern, responsive, and enhances the browsing experience. I would recommend it!"


My Skills


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CSS & TailwindCSS
JavaScript / React JS
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Dhanmondi 10/A 1209, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

+880 1726042080, +880 1726042080
+880 1726042080, +880 1726042080

imfayshalrana@gmail.com, vibeinweb.team@gmail.com

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